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LanternPay allows your providers to be paid quickly and easily from multiple government schemes and private health insurers, along with having additional remarkable features for the NDIS. A LanternPay integration for your product is simple and quick and helps create extraordinary experiences for your customers. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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Benefits of working with LanternPay

  • Connection to multiple schemes, all through the one API
  • Dedicated integration support team, working with you to make integration easy, allowing you access to multiple schemes with simpler set up than direct build
  • Compliance out of the box including all data kept on Australian servers and ISO 27001 certified

Seamless integration and support

Best in class technology supported by a highly experienced and efficient integration team. We provide:

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Easy to use online API documentation

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Access to sandbox simulator environment to view API payloads and structures and send test invoices

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Technical workshops to map use cases and confirm integration processes

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Expert product managers and developers

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Support in testing and release to production

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Expert Advice

Deep domain expertise to guide your implementation

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